Center for Solar Terrestrial Research

Wenda Cao

Associate Professor, Physics, NJIT

Associate Director,  BBSO

OFFICE: 101 Tiernan Hall
PHONE: (973) 596-5301

Professional Information

Courses and Teaching

Fall 2013: Phys 111, Sears and Zumansky's University Physics with Modern Physics

Fall 2012: Phys 111, Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Fall 2011:  Phys 780, Astronomical Instruments and Observation Techniques

Spring 2011:  Phys 106, Physics for Scientist and Engineers -- Enhanced College Physics

Fall 2010: Phys 105, Physics for Scientist and Engineers -- Enhanced College Physics

Sprint 2009: Phys 102, Enhanced College Physics

Fall 2008: Phys 105, Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Spring 2008: Phys 121, Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Fall 2007: Phys 121, Fundamentals of Physics

Fall 2007: Phys 681, Introduction of the Sun (Instructor: Prof. Haimin Wang)

Research Interests 
The Sun
Space Weather

Astronomical Instruments: Fabry-Prot interferometer, birefringent Lyot filter, infrared and visible detectors, infrared and visible polarimeter.

Observation and Research: two-dimensional spectroscopy and polarimetry, infrared high resolution observations, temporal evolution of solar active regions, dynamics of small-scale magnetic fields, flares and filament eruptions, solar radio bursts.

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