David Daudelin

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NJIT Celebration 2011

Programming Projects      Video Projects

Programming Projects

HTML/PHP/Javascript/MySQL Web Application that would allow students to see the courses necessary to graduate, check them off as they went, and see the sections being offered for each course in the current semester. This was made for the 2011 NJIT 24-hour Hackathon and placed third.

A web application made for CS 490 with two other students that would allow someone to create an account, add their family members to it, and then for each one, input the foods they were eating in a day and see what percentage of the recommended daily values of key nutrients they were getting. It also gives suggestions for foods which are high in areas they are currently lacking in. While you cannot register a new user account, you can test it with the username, "Mark" and the password "mark123". I did the front-end for the website including graphics, HTML, and some PHP/Javascript.

BLUSNO 2D and BLUSNO 3D are graphical applications I helped develop in Java for a CS research group at NJIT. BLUSNO 2D is almost complete while BLUSNO 3D is still under development. Below is a screenshot from BLUSNO 3D:

Android app and website related to high school basketball. Beta scheduled to be released by August 1st, 2012. Below is a screenshot of the app:

Video Projects

Promotional video filmed for robotics outreach program.

Locked and Loaded: Contest video for longboarding competition.

Three-minute short film titled Courage is Fire.