Kimberly N. Russell
Research Scientist

Contact information:

441 Colton Hall
Department of Biological Sciences
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heights
Newark, NJ 07102


Research Overview

My research interests span the fields of ecology, behavior, and evolution, and revolve around identifying the most efficient and accurate methods to conserve biodiversity in terrestrial systems. I am particularly interested in urban systems and the promotion of biodiversity within human dominated landscapes. Specifically, I seek to explore the potential of arthropod taxa as biological indicators to serve as the basis for decisions about the design, construction and maintenance of biodiversity-promoting habitats. In addition to using arthropods as tools in conservation planning, I am interested in understanding the specific needs of the arthropod fauna and how these needs may differ from the needs of vertebrate species from a conservation perspective. This will require a more complete understanding of terrestrial arthropod ecology at the assemblage or community level, including the functional significance of arthropod groups in ecosystems.