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Iam VeRy OuT gOiNg PeRsOn~~ I LoVe To HaVe FuN WiTh My FrIeNdS (BROTHERHOOD)Um Iam ReliGiOus PeRsOn~~IaM aN hOnEsT PeRSon ~~ I CanT sTaNd LiErS~~I LovE KidS~ThEy ArE So CuTe WhEn ThEy ArE RunNiNg AlL OvEr ThE PlaAce ~~ I LoVe SoCcEr I CoUld PlaY It All DaY LoNg AnD I WoNt GeT BoReD~~ I LoVe DaNcIng & LiStEnNinG To MuSIc. Also I love comics. God Is ThE PeRsOn I WoUld LuV to MeEt BuT of CoUrSe In My DrEaMs.