The Art of Image Security and Solar Image Processing

Dr. Frank Shih, Professor
Computer Science Department, NJIT


The need of information security exists everywhere everyday. Digital watermarking and steganography have become increasingly important because digital multimedia is widely used and the Internet is rapidly growing. Digital watermarking technology can be used to guarantee authenticity and can provide a proof that the content has not been altered since insertion. Steganographic messages are often first encrypted by some traditional means, and then a covert text is modified in some way to contain the encrypted message. In this talk, I will present the recent research development in image watermarking and steganography. In addition, I will introduce the application of machine learning techniques in solar feature detection and solar event classification. Our research team consists of Prof. Haimin Wang and Dr. Ju Jing of Physics department and Dr. Ming Qu, Mr. Gang Fu, and me of Computer Science department. This research project is funded by NSF. We have conducted experiments using different classifiers for the detection of solar events on the solar H-α (Hydrogen-Alpha) images. These images were obtained from the Big Bear Solar Observatory in California, USA, which is managed by NJIT.