Funding Experiences in CCS

V. Oria,C. Borcea,Y. Perl and M.Bieber


The CS research committee in conjunction with the IS department is organizing a series of 4 talks. In this series, members of CCS with successful experience in obtaining funding will share their experiences with faculty, lecturers and PHD students. The idea motivating these presentations is to share the experiences that each of our faculty accumulated about techniques they used to obtain funding from different sources. That is, secrets of the trade of what works and what does not, with which funding agency. The hope is that sharing this kind of experience will help the CCS faculty and lecturers in their future funding efforts. The presentation will provide valuable experience for the CCS PHD students. Each presentation will take 20 minutes, with time for question to all 4 after the talks are finished. This way, the questions can overflow into later than 4pm without disturbing the schedule. The CS research committee members hope that these presentation will encourage more research efforts in CCS and better success rate.