From Academia to Wall Street and Back - A Curious Journey

Michael Ehrlich
School of Management, NJIT


Michael Ehrlich received a Ph.D. from Princeton and embarked on a Wall Street career instead of taking a more traditional academic job. He began his Wall Street career at Lehman Brothers and spent most of his years at Salomon Brothers in the Government Arbitrage group with John Meriwether before joining Bear Stearns as a Senior Managing Director for their Emerging Markets Fixed Income business unit. He left Bear to start his own technology company and was initially very successful, but barely survived the 2001-2002 technology meltdown before rebuilding and eventually selling the company in 2007. He returned to academia as an assistant professor of finance at the NJIT School of Management in 2007 and is here to tell his tale. His children still ask him what he is going to do when he grows up?