A Few Recent Results In WSN Research

Dr. Dajin Wang
Department of Computer Science, Montclair University


The talk will report two recent on-going works in WSN research. The first work concerns the issue of reducing the overall transmission power in a hexagonally clustered WSN. Assuming a spatial Poisson distribution of sensor nodes in the cluster, we discuss a process of finding the optimal cluster size by subdividing the cluster, performing an analytical estimate of power saving as the cluster subdivides. The simulation results will be presented and their implication discussed. The second work describes a heuristic, cost-effective algorithm to calculate locations for deploying sensor nodes to partially recover WSN’s lost connectivity due to the loss of nodes. The main feature of the proposed algorithm is that it tries to use very few nodes to recover the network’s connectivity to a noticeable level. The simulation results show that by using the greedy strategy, the proposed algorithm can restore the network’s connectivity to a good level with few restoration nodes.