Do You Have What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur?

Michael Skarzynski, CEO
Intera Group, Inc


Michael Skarzynski is the CEO of Intera Group, Inc. based in Pleasanton, California. He has served as CEO of small cap and micro cap public companies and 5 venture companies in addition to serving as an executive at AT&T, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies and Motorola. His business experience has spanned multiple high growth areas including Internet infrastructure and services, telecommunications, mobile media and advertising, cloud computing, business intelligence, predictive analytics and enterprise and public network software and systems. Mr. Skarzynski will explore with NJIT students, “Do You Have What It Takes to Become An Entrepreneur?” drawing on his professional experience. Mr. Skarzynski will also share his perspective on how NJIT students can create and build their own professional network to get hired for a great job with a great company. You will enjoy this exciting seminar and will learn some important lessons about entrepreneurship, professional networking and and winning job search techniques and tools.