SAP: Storage Aware Protocols for Seamless Integration of Heterogeneous Network Architectures

Dr. Shweta Jain
Math and Computer Science Department at York College CUNY


The Internet has evolved from being a wired network to a network of mobile and intermittently connected devices. Several architectures such as wireless mesh, sensors, delay tolerant and Internet of Things are becoming integral parts of the Internet and the traffic has become content intensive. This has motivated research in protocols that provide seamless communication across these heterogeneous networks. We propose set of storage aware protocols (SAP): Storage aware Routing, end-to-end and hop by hop Transport and in-network caching. The routing protocol uses short and long term path costs and storage on routers to make a store or forward decision. In-network caching stores content for mobile users when they are disconnected during a download. Users may resume content retrieval from the best in-network cache upon reconnection. The hop-by-hop transport protocols preserve the session state even if the user is disconnected for long durations. The end-to-end transport protocol finds an intermediate storage proxy in case the user becomes unreachable during a transport session. We propose to design the Storage Aware Protocol stack that would work well with stored content as well as live streaming applications and evaluate performance under real world scenarios through a complete implementation on the GENI testbed.