Twenty Years after the Information Revolution Started - How you can still be a part of it -

Dr. Andrew Sohn
Department of Computer Science, NJIT


The Information revolution began in 1993 when Mosaic was introduced to the masses, which enabled GUI-based rapid information exchange. Since then, a lot of things have happened, including the rise and fall of dot com's (including Sun, Exodus, or what was once called xSP's), the financial market bust and the resurrection of the dot com's (or what is now called social network or cloud computing). In this talk, we'll shed some light on how the information revolution started and put it into perspective against the revolutions that changed human history. And more importantly how you can be a part of it. In particular, I will tell you how, when and why I got in by starting and running an infrastructure networking software company in Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley) with the approval of the provost and school, of course. I will also tell you what lessons I learned and how you can take advantage of them for fulfilling your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Promenade or Silicon Alley. In fact, I have already shared my experience with quit a few people who dared to start fulfilling their dreams AFTER finishing their degrees here at NJIT.