Mobile Analytics and the LiveLabs Lifestyle Experimentation Platform

Dr. Archan Misra
Singapore Management University


This talk will first describe to the LiveLabs Experimentation Platform, a unique “urban behavioral testbed” project at SMU that allows mobile systems experimentation at-scale: involving 30,000 real-life users in urban environments, such as the SMU campus, 2 major shopping malls and a resort theme park. LiveLabs is harnessing innovations in wireless networks, mobile sensing and analytics to enable an ecosystem of industry partners to test next-generation context-based applications. After introducing LiveLabs, I’ll describe distinct major research themes: a) resource-efficient sensing and query processing, where I’ll discuss approaches for adaptive and cloud-coordinated mobile sensing; b) advanced activity and context recognition, where I’ll discuss approaches to identify activities such as “queuing” in shopping malls; b) and c) adaptive wireless systems, where I’ll present results on real-time RF mapping and indoor localization in indoor environments.