Enabling Practical, Secure Computing through Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Dr. Kurt Rohloff, Senior Scientist
Distributed Systems Research Group, BBN Technologies


One of the first major breakthroughs of computer science in the 21st century is the demonstration of public-key Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). FHE allows sensitive data to be encrypted such that arbitrary programs can be securely run over the encrypted data where the output, when decrypted, is equivalent to the result of running the original algorithm on the unencrypted data. Unfortunately, FHE was not practical when it was discovered - it was several orders of magnitude too inefficient to be economically feasible. This talk will review our advances in FHE, from theory, implementation and application perspectives. We discuss our implementations in both software and hardware. We also discuss ours plan to continue this R&D that will enable practical secure out-sourced computation.