Outlines of National Institute of Informatics Tokyo, its main research activities and International Cooperation policy

Henri Angelino
National Institute of Informatics - NII (Tokyo-Japan)


The National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo is the only national academic research institute for Informatics in Japan. Its activities deal with: - “Fundamental” research conducted in 4 research divisions: Principles of Informatics, Information Systems Architecture Science, Digital Content and Media Sciences, and Information and Society) - “Strategic” research conducted in each of the 7 “centers” - “Construction/Operation” of Cyber Science infrastructure academic network and contents - “Education” for graduate students in the frame of the Department of Informatics of SOKENDAI. After a general presentation of the research activities and comments on the research Divisions and research Centers, I will discuss NII policy for International cooperation. In particular, I will discuss some of the aspects implemented in the MoU framework with partner institutions using NII financial support: - "NII International Internship" program to receive Master or PhD students for a short period 2-6 months, supported by NII. - Invitation/visit of academic staff or researchers including post-docs up to 3 months - Support for workshops. - Etc.