GreenDataFlow: Energy-efficient Data Transfer Scheduling and Optimization

Dr. Tevfik Kosar
State University at Buffalo (SUNY)


With the emergence of complex scientific applications, social media, video over IP, and more recently the trend for Internet of Things (IoT), the global data movement requirements have already exceeded the exabyte scale. It is estimated that, in 2018, more IP traffic will traverse global networks than all prior "Internet years" combined. The global IP traffic will reach an annual rate of 1.8 zettabytes, which corresponds to more than 1 billion DVDs of data transfer per day for the entire year. To support this massive amount of data movement across the globe, the networking infrastructure as well as the source and destination nodes consume immense amount of electric power, with an estimated cost measured in billions of dollars. Although considerable amount of research has been done on power management techniques for the networking infrastructure, there has not been much prior work focusing on power-aware data transfer algorithms for minimizing the power consumed at the end-systems. In this work, we analyze various factors that affect the power consumption in end-to-end data transfers, such as the level of parallelism, concurrency, pipelining, CPU frequency level, and task scheduling at the end-systems. We introduce novel data transfer algorithms which aim to achieve high data transfer throughput while keeping the energy consumption during the transfers at the minimal levels. Our results show that significant amount of energy savings (60-80%) can be achieved at the end-systems during data transfers and the end-to-end throughput can be increased at the same time. ​WEBEX INSTRUCTIONS: IF USING WEBEX WITH A PC OR MAC: Go to: Enter meeting number: 926 283 235 Hit Enter. After session opens, an ‘Audio and Video Connection’ screen will display. Click on the ‘Connect to Audio’ button and follow the directions for using the phone, or audio through the computer. A ‘Participating in a WEBEX’ sheet is attached to assist with the audio. Here is a five minute guide for connecting to a Webex session: IF PARTICIPATING VIA TELEPHONE ONLY: Call: 1-650-479-3207 Enter meeting number: 926 283 235 followed by # sign Then select # sign again for ‘Participant Number’