Network Virtual and Augmented Reality: The New Frontier

Dr. Jacob Chakareski
University of Alabama


Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) have the potential to advance our society. Presently limited to offline operation and synthetic content, and targeting gaming and entertainment, they are expected to reach their potential when deployed online and with real remote scene content. This will require novel holistic solutions that will push the frontiers in sensing, compression, networking, and machine learning,to overcome the considerable challenges ahead. My long‐term research objective is UAV‐IoT‐deployed ubiquitous VR/AR immersive communication that can enable virtual human teleportation to any corner of the world. Thereby, we can achieve a broad range of technological and societal advances that will enhance energy conservation, quality of life, and the global economy. I am investigating fundamental problems at the intersection of signal acquisition and representation, communications and networking, (embedded) sensors and systems, and rigorous machine learning for stochastic control that arise in this context. I envision a future where UAV‐IoT‐deployed immersive communication systems will help break existing barriers in remote sensing, monitoring, localization and navigation, and scene understanding. The presentation will outline some of my present and envisioned investigations. Interdisciplinary applications will be highlighted.