Grey Goo: A Future with Massive-scale Internet Infrastructure

Dr. Peter Garraghan
Lancaster University at UK


Internet infrastructure underpins all facets of life, and has enabled the formation of computing systems spanning Cloud computing, datacenters, IoT, and HPC at unprecedented scale. Such infrastructure comprises millions and billions of complex interacting social, virtual, physical, and environment systems that have continued to evolve in unforeseen ways. As these systems continue to grow, modern systems are increasingly encountering problems with (i) an endless cycle of power efficiency-consumption, (ii) unforeseen or unintended emergent system behavior in the form of failures, and (iii) the end of computing laws which have governed their operation for decades. These three problems together underpin global societal challenges with respect to climate change, resilience, and any potential performance gains possible within these systems. In this talk I will a present a wide selection of real-world challenges faced in operating massive computing infrastructure from Google and Alibaba, as well as detail short-term and long-term challenges related to the evolution of computing system