Highlights of the National Institute of Informatics (Tokyo) and opportunities for collaboration

Dr. Henri Angelino, Visiting Professor and Acting Director Global Liaison Office
National Institute of Informatics , Tokyo, Japan


In April 2004 the Japanese national university and research institution system went through a drastic change loosing their "National status" to become "independent agencies" but the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo remained the only one academic research institute for Informatics or IT in Japan.Its activities deal with - basic information research developed in 7 Research Divisions including Quantum computing / development of GRID infrastructure/etc. - service operation of academic information infrastructure (academic networks and contents) - human resource development including education for graduate students - university-industry cooperation - International strategy . After a general presentation of these activities the opportunities to develop some collaboration between NII and others institutions will be presented, in particular the new "NII International Internship" to receive postgraduate students for a short period will be described.