GENI: The NSF Initiative to Re-build the Internet

Dr. Sirin Tekinay, Program Director
Communications Research CISE, NSF


The Global Environment for Network Investigations (GENI); an initiative announced by the NSF in August 2005, has the ambitious yet timely objective of re-building the Internet. The approach is simply that of a "clean slate." The new Internet will not "have a wireless portion," rather, it will largely "be wireless." Data flows, mobility and location management, computing requirements, in addition to the well observed channel imperfections faced by wireless users, sensors, and other embedded wireless devices will clearly require a brand new network reference framework than the current central network model. Cooperation among the components of the new, wireless Internet will not only be defined by the layer at which it is implemented, but will in turn define the layers of the new reference model. This talk will give the vision of the new research areas and goals for GENI.