Computer and Information Science Research at Telcordia Applied Research Laboratories

Dr. Marek Rusinkiewicz, Vice President and General Manager


Telcordia Technologies (formerly known as Bell Communication Research) is a leading provider of operation support systems and services to major telecommunications operators. In my talk, I will describe the evolution of Telcordia Applied Research (AR) organization from an internally- funded research lab carrying out long-term basic research, to a provider of R&D services to internal, government, and commercial customers. Current AR projects cover a range of research areas, including network management, protocol engineering, wireless technologies, mobility, software engineering, database and information management, systems security, and information assurance. I will describe several large projects carried out at AR and discuss potential collaboration avenues between Telcordia and universities. These may range from joint externally funded R&D projects, through summer internships for students, to short- or long-term employment opportunities.