Wireless/Networking Research at Telcordia

Ken Young, Executive Director Government Project Development


Telcordia conducts a wide range of R&D activities on mobile wireless communications and networking for military applications. This talk will describe the research challenges addressed in several of those projects including the following: * ARL Communications and Networks CTA - an industry-academic-government consortium, led by Telcordia, that conducts basic research in signal processing, survivable wireless mobile networking and tactical information protection for future Army battlefield networks. * CERDEC Network Design - an effort to design an analytic toolset for engineering design of large-scale mobile ad hoc networks that enables analysis of design tradeoffs in network hardware and software. * CERDEC PILSNER - an effort aimed at enabling optimal use of all available wireless link types available in a node simultaneously, automatically allocating and managing bandwidth and routing information over multiple transmission paths, bypassing outages and congestion.