Seongho Ryu

New York University


I was born and raised in Korea. My fascination with living organisms and their diversity led me to major in Biology at Chonbuk National University, Korea and I also earned my master degree of Molecular Biology at Seoul National University, Korea in 1998. During my master program, I studied evolution of ribosomal DNA intergenic spacer region. After a master's degree, I wanted to broaden my horizons by studying abroad, especially in America. As a research assistant in Virginia Tech (1999-2000) as well as in Medical College of Virginia (2000-2003), I studied in various fields from immunology, clinical studies, to computer science. I have worked in a laboratory setting to optimize and validate protocols that contribute to the improved treatment of autoimmune disease by utilizing THC, which is a major psychoactive component found in marijuana. My other project focused on Preeclampsia, which is a disorder of vascular endothelial malfunction that occurs during a pregnancy. In addition, I also took many computer science classes at Virginia Tech as a non-degree undergraduate. Based on my biological and computer science backgrounds, I was accepted as a PhD student in Bioinformatic program in New York University in 2003 and earned a doctoral degree in 2007. My doctoral research focused on two projects, modeling apoptotic pathway and cell cycle, and developing an alignment algorithm to study non-coding regions of genome using dynamic programming. My work has been published in five leading professional journals and I have submitted two manuscripts for publication. I speak regularly at numerous conferences including the BRIGDES evolutionary symposium and Conference of American Association for Cancer Research. I also hold one patent related with my previous works and had an experiences as a teaching assistant for many years at New York University.