Nelly Fazio

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Nelly Fazio earned her M.Sc. ('03) and Ph.D. ('06) in Computer Science from New York University. During her studies, she also conducted research at Stanford University, Ecole Normale Superieure (France) and Aarhus University (Denmark). In 2003, she was awarded the NYU CIMS Sandra Bleistein prize, for "notable achievement by a woman in Applied Mathematics or Computer Science." Her Ph.D. thesis was nominated with honorable mention for the NYU J. Fabri prize, awarded yearly for the "most outstanding dissertation in Computer Science." Dr. Fazio's research interests are in cryptography and information security, with a focus on digital content protection. Since July 2006, she is part of the Content Protection group at IBM Almaden Research Center, where she has been conducting research on advanced cryptographic key management, tracing technologies, and authenticated communications in dynamic federated environments. Currently, she is a visiting research scientist in the Security group at IBM T.J. Watson Research center, working on security issues of decentralized environments such as sensor networks.