Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe, President Bell Labs Resarch and Advanced Technologies

Lucent Technologies


Jeffrey M. Jaffe is president of Bell Labs Research and Advanced Technologies for Lucent Technologies. Bell Labs, the company's global research and development arm, consists of approximately 10,000 employees in 10 countries. As President of Bell Labs Research, Dr. Jaffe supports basic research to advance science and technology in areas of importance to Lucent. Advanced Technologies works with Lucent's business units in the commercial development and deployment of new technologies. Prior to joining Lucent in 2000, Dr. Jaffe held a variety of executive research positions with International Business Machines (IBM) in a 20-year career, which included General Manager of SecureWay Software and Corporate Vice President of Technology. Dr. Jaffe is a fellow of the IEEE and the Association of Computing Machinery. The United States government has consulted with Dr. Jaffe on numerous policy initiatives. In 1997, President Clinton appointed Dr. Jaffe to the Advisory Committee for the President's Commission for Critical Infrastructure Protection. Dr. Jaffe has chaired the Chief Technology Officer Group of the Computer Systems Policy Project (CSPP), which consists of a dozen of the top computer and telecommunications companies, and has served on The National Research Council's Computer Science & Telecommunications Board.