Dr. Gustavo de los Reyes

AT&T Research


Gus is an Executive Director of Technology Security in AT&T. Gus leads the AT&T Security Research Center (http://src.att.com) under the AT&T Chief Security Officer. The Center was created by the AT&T CSO, Dr. Edward Amoroso, to invent the secure future of communications and computing. Our researchers work on very large scale problems in dynamic areas such as mobility and cellular, cloud computing, networking, and data mining. In particular, we search for ways to leverage the power of the network for new security architectures and mechanisms. Gus has been working on security since 1998 starting with AT&T WorldNet security AT&Ts first consumer Internet service. Gus has had responsibility for defining the security architecture and security requirements for key AT&T IP Services such as AT&T Business and Consumer VoIP Services. Gus began working at AT&T Bell Labs (later AT&T Labs) in 1988 doing design and development of automatic photonic manufacturing systems. He has also contributed to AT&T in the areas of robust design of wireless devices and systems. Before joining AT&T, Gus designed digital control systems for General Electric Aircraft Engines. Gus has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. He has a BSME and MSE from MIT.