Dr. Sangtae Ha

Princeton University


Sangtae Ha is an Associate Research Scholar in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University in 2009. During his Ph.D. study, he co-authored CUBIC, a new mechanism for TCP congestion control, and was the primary engineer pushing it into Linux 2.6.18. CUBIC has been the default TCP congestion control algorithm in Linux since 2006 and is currently used by more than 40% of Internet servers around the world as well as several hundred million Android/Linux devices. After completing his Ph.D., he co-founded the Princeton EDGE Lab (http://scenic.princeton.edu) as its first Associate Director and has been leading its research team since then. In particular, he leads the DataMi (http://www.datami.com) project team, which develops Smart Data Pricing (SDP) solutions to help Internet Service Providers (ISPs) meet the increasingly untenable demand for mobile data. DataMi is a multidisciplinary project consisting of dozens of researchers and students who work in many fields, including economics, applied math, and systems. He also leads a project team creating a non-profit, next generation online learning platform, called 3ND (3 Nights and Done, http://www.3nightsdone.org) at Princeton. He is a co-founder of DataMi Inc. and a technical consultant to a few startups. He is an IEEE Senior Member and a general co-chair of the Smart Data Pricing workshop, to be held in conjunction with INFOCOM 2013 in Turin, Italy.