Dr. Kurt Rohloff, Senior Scientist

Distributed Systems Research Group, BBN Technologies


Dr. Kurt Rohloff is a senior scientist in the Distributed Systems research group at BBN Technologies. Dr. Rohloff’s areas of technical expertise include large-scale distributed computing, secure computing and scalable algorithm design. Dr. Rohloff is the Principal Investigator for the SIPHER team in the DARPA PROCEED program developing an FHE implementation. Dr. Rohloff was the Principal Investigator on the AFRL Scalable Cloud IM Innovation Technology And Research (SCIMITAR) project. The SCIMITAR project resulted in the demonstration of a highly scalable cloud-based information brokering capability. Dr. Rohloff is the Chief Designer and Lead Architect of the SHARD triple-store, a highly scalable storage system and query engine for graph data and the SQUIRE streaming graph data query engine. SHARD has been benchmarked to perform faster than current commercial triple-stores. Dr. Rohloff received his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and his Master's and PhD. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan.