Muhammad Shahzad

Michigan State University


Muhammad Shahzad is a PhD candidate at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University, under the supervision of Dr. Alex Liu. His research interests lie in the design, analysis, measurement, and modeling of security and networking systems. He is especially interested in exploring new modalities to develop behavior based user authentication schemes. His research has been published in top tier conferences including SIGMETRICS, MobiCom, ICSE, and RAID and journals including Transactions on Networking and Journal of Information Science. Shahzad has served as technical program committee member for IEEE ICNP 2014 and ACM MobiCom Wokshop S3 2014. He has also served as EDAS Chair for IEEE ICNP 2014. He is the recipient of the Honda Shing Endowed Fellowship and is also one of the two recipients of the College of Engineering Graduate Fellowship at Michigan State University. He also won the P@SHA ICT Award in Research and Development category, was runners up for the Human Competitive Award, and was a nominee for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award.