Dr. Michael Salsburg

Unisys Corporation


Dr. Michael Salsburg is currently a director within the Chief Technology Office for Unisys Corporationís Systems and Technology group. He is involved with engineeringís strategic technical direction for their future products, with a focus on System Performance and overall Architecture. He received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh (magna cum laude) in Mathematics in August 1972. He received his Masters of Science from the University of Delaware in Computer Science (Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence) in 1982. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics from Drexel University (Probability and Statistics) in 1992. He has been awarded two international patents in the area of performance modeling algorithms and software. In addition, he has published dozens of papers and has lectured world-wide on the topic of computer performance evaluation. His current interests are focused on very large-scale storage solutions and emerging system management technologies.