Sean Walsh



For the past twelve years until his retirement on August 1st of this year, Sean M. Walsh has been handling national security cyber operations at the FBI in Washington DC. His work entailed working with other government agencies and advising the Foreign Surveillance Court on technical matters. He received the Director of National Intelligence Cyber Award for the advancement of Cyber Investigations and the FBI Directorís Award - Cyber Division - for preventing multiple terrorism attacks through innovative collection methods. He served as counsel to the Cyber divisionís expansion. Prior to that, Mr. Walsh served as a prosecutor in several NY city prosecutorsí offices. In those positions he headed up cyber matters paving the way for the first cyber cases. He created the first Video Unit and the use of technology to videotape confessions and crime scenes. Mr. Walsh received his BS and JD degrees from Fordham University. He is a member of IEEE, HTCIA, LEVA, NATIA, ABCNY, and other professional organizations. He had lectured extensively on technical and legal matters including: the EU Cyber Conference at The Hague, the Canadian National Reform Commission.