Dr. Jacob Chakareski

University of Alabama


Jacob Chakareski is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Alabama, where he leads the Laboratory for VR/AR Immersive Communication (LION). His interests span networked virtual and augmented reality systems, UAV‐IoT sensing and communication, and rigorous machine learning for stochastic control. Dr. Chakareski received the Adobe Data Science Faculty Research Award (2017), a best paper award at the IEEE Int�l Conf. on Communications (ICC) 2017, and the Swiss NSF Career Award Ambizione. He is the organizer of the first NSF visioning workshop on networked VR/AR communications. He trained as a PhD student at Rice and Stanford, held research appointments with Microsoft, HP Labs, and EPFL, and sits on the advisory board of Frame, Inc. His research is supported by the NSF, AFOSR, Adobe, NVIDIA, and Microsoft. For further info, please visit www.jakov.org.