Various Speakers



*Featured speaker: Dr. Baruch Schieber Chairman of Computer Science Department. Former Distinguished Research Staff Member and the manager of the "Mathematics of AI" group at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Come to listen to Dr. Schieber, who has decades of management experience, discuss what a manager looks for in a new hire and what can make a difference in an interview. *Student panelists: Xiaoyuan Liang, Joshua Ugwuneri, Peter Jough, Julia Nguyen, & John Daudelin are at different stages of their study, ranging from freshman to last year of PhD study. They had internship experiences at NEC research Lab, Colgate-Palmolive, ADP, Johnson&Johnson, and many other places. Come to listen to their stories on how they secured their internships. *Special speakers: Ms. Dominique Clarke, Associate Director Career Development Services and Ms. Dina Anello, Director of External Relations @YWCC, will present what services NJIT provides to students for their job/internship position hunting.