Dr. Peter Garraghan

Lancaster University at UK


Peter Garraghan is an Assistant Professor in Distributed Systems at Lancaster University, UK. His research expertise entails studying the complexity and emergent behavior of massive-scale computing (Cloud computing, Datacenters, Internet of Things) and designing new techniques to enhance system dependability, resource management, and energy-efficiency. He has published extensively within IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, Services Computing, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Emerging Topics in Computing, IEEE ICDCS, and IEEE IC2E. His research on Cloud analytics was the focus of a successful EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award leading to successful commercialization. His research is supported by collaboration with Alibaba, Microsoft, Beihang University, University of Melbourne, CONACYT, STFC, and numerous UK-based datacenter and IoT SMEs. He is a voting member of the IEEE Green ICT Standards working group.