Dr. William Neal, Special Assistant for Integrated Army C4ISR

The MITRE Corporation


Engineering computer systems for advanced military capabilities has long been the thrust of Dr. Neal's work. Today, he is leading efforts at The MITRE Corporation to transform the U.S. Army. He helps Army chief scientists to identify technologies that enhance defense systems using systems engineering and analysis techniques. He is also a member of the Army Science Board, where he develops recommendations for senior Army leadership regarding information technology. Dr. Neal grew up in Washington, D.C., and attended public schools there. A pivotal life experience for him was participating in a high school program by corporate volunteers, which inspired his life long interests in computers. This high school experience led him to study electrical engineering at Howard University, where he received his bachelors in 1976. He went on to earn his master's from Stanford University in 1978, and his Ph.D. from Howard in 1984. His Ph.D. dissertation focused on neural networks, involving the design of control systems based on the way the brain works. Joining a small firm after receiving his Ph.D., he served as senior vice president for research and development and chief scientist, working in support of Department of Defense information technology projects. He designed a critical computer architecture used during Desert Storm, and this attention resulted in his nomination as a member of the Army Science Board. As a member of the Army Science Board, he has participated or led 26 studies for senior Army leadership. Dr. Neal joined MITRE in 1992, and started out working on modeling and simulation of air traffic control systems. The advancement of information technologies and the application of those technologies to defense requirements has been the focus of his current efforts. His contributions to senior technology leaders of the Army help identify future technologies and systems to help U.S. warfighters become the state-of-the-art fighting ground force of the future. Dr. Neal also leads the internal technology program for the MITRE division supporting Army sponsors.