Ken Young, Executive Director Government Project Development



Ken Young is currently Executive Director for Government Project Development in the Applied Research organization at Telcordia Technologies, where he leads several projects on mobile ad hoc networking technology. He is the Program Manager for the Army Research Laboratory’s Communications and Networks Collaborative Technology Alliance, which is an industry-academic-government consortium that performs basic research in the areas of survivable wireless mobile networking, signal processing technology for advanced communications and tactical information protection. He heads a Telcordia-led team developing advanced mobile technology for WIN-T under CERDEC’s Proactive Integrated Link Selection for Network Robustness (PILSNER) program. He led the development and field demonstration of an ad hoc mobility protocol suite under CERDEC’s Multi-functional On-the-move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications (MOSAIC) ATD project. Dr. Young has 27 years experience in government and commercial telecommunications technology. He joined Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1978 where he performed systems engineering studies on digital cross-connect systems and subscriber loop carrier systems. In 1984 he joined Bell Communications Research (Bellcore, now Telcordia Technologies) where he led research on high-speed optical and electrical interconnections in advanced transmission and switching systems. He later led a research team developing enabling technologies for gigabit/second local- and wide-area networks, including SONET/ATM network interface prototypes to support national Gigabit Network experiments, (the Nectar and Aurora Gigabit Testbeds). He also led Bellcore’s participation in the development of DARPA’s Advanced Technology Network (ATDNet). Under a DARPA contract he developed ATM interoperability testing tools and methodologies that were commercialized by Telcordia. He also participated in a DARPA project on a 10 gigabit/sec SONET/ATM self-healing ring demonstration. Dr. Young received his Ph. D. in 1978 from the University of Pennsylvania, where he performed research on heavy ion-induced nuclear reaction physics. He also received an M. S. in physics from the University of Pennsylvania (1973) and a B. S. in physics from St. Joseph’s University (1972). He is a Telcordia Fellow, a Senior Member of the IEEE and a member of the American Physics Society. He has more than 60 research publications.