Mark E. Segal, Executive Director

Software Technology Research, Telcordia Technologies


rk E. Segal is Executive Director of Software Technology Research at Telcordia Technologies. In this role, Mark is responsible for Telcordia research activities spanning a broad range of software- related topics including architecture, testing, enterprise integration, system security, distributed computing, databases, and highly available systems. As a research manager at Telcordia, Mark works closely with Telcordia business units to incorporate software research innovations into Telcordia products and services. Mark previously led a DARPA-funded research project investigating software- based approaches for building survivable information systems. He also participated in the DARPA Active Networks program, and a DARPA ISAT study investigating topics related to network management and system survivability. Mark is best known for his research on dynamic program updating, where he invented techniques to allow running components of a distributed software system to be replaced with new code without shutting the system down. In 1999-2000, Mark combined his work and leisure interests by leading the Telcordia group that supported the AmericaOne America’s Cup Challenger’s Performance Analysis and Maximization Team. Mark holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Computer and Communication Science from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.