Ed Waltz

BAE Systems


Ed Waltz is the Chief Scientist, Intelligence Innovation Division of BAE Systems Advanced Information Technology, where he leads hard intelligence target research. He has led numerous hard target Multi-INT studies and tool developments over the past decade for different agencies of the IC. He has interacted extensively with intelligence collectors, analysts and consumers to develop and deploy new technical capabilities for intelligence analysts. He holds a BSEE from the Case Institute of Technology and an MS in Computer, Information and Control Engineering form the University of Michigan. He has over 35 years of experience in developing and deploying signal processing, data fusion and intelligence analysis capabilities. He is the author of Knowledge Management in the Intelligence Enterprise (Artech 2003), Information and Warfare Principles and Operations (Artech 1998), coauthor of Counterdeception Principles and Applications for National Security (Forthcoming), Multisensor Data Fusion (Artech 1990), and coeditor of Multisensor Data Fusion (Kluwer 2001). He is a recipient of the DoD Joseph Mignona Data Fusion Award (2004), and became a Veridian Technology Fellow in 2002.