Dr. Jason Wang, Professor of Computer Science

New Jersey Institute of Technology


Jason T. L. Wang is a professor of computer science in the College of Computing Sciences at New Jersey Institute of Technology. His research interests include data mining, databases, bioinformatics, computational genomics and computational proteomics. He has published over 120 refereed journal and conference papers in these areas. He cowrote the book Mining the World Wide Web: An Information Search Approach (2001, Kluwer), which was translated to Japanese in 2004, and is an editor and author of three books Pattern Discovery in Biomolecular Data: Tools, Techniques and Applications (1999, Oxford University Press), Computational Biology and Genome Informatics (2003, World Scientific) and Data Mining in Bioinformatics (2005, Springer). Dr. Wang currently serves on the editorial boards of 6 journals including International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics, Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics, Information Systems, Knowledge and Information Systems, Intelligent Data Analysis and International Journal of Information Quality, is the executive editor of World Scientific Book Series on Science, Engineering, and Biology Informatics (SEBI), and has served on the program committees of over 80 national and international conferences, most recently the 2007 NSF BioSurveillance Workshop to be held in New Brunswick, New Jersey.