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Ontologies, Ontology Tool Design and Semantic Web

Course No. CIS 786
Sections 001
Title Ontologies, Ontology Tool Design and Semantic Web
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Prerequisite(s) None
Instructor Yehoshua Perl
  • Office Room No. : 4316 GITC
  • Office Phone : 973-596-3392
  • Fax : 973-596-5777
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    Description Ontologies, according to Gruber’s definition, describe “specification of a conceptualization.” They are knowledge representation systems helping to overcome terminological and communication gaps in application systems.

    The semantic web is the vision of Tim Berner Lee of the future web
    providing “semantic” agents support for users, beyond what current web is able to.

    Ontologies are crucial building blocks for the semantic web.
    Due to their huge size and complexity ontologies are hard to design, manage and comprehend. Ontology tools are designed with emphasis of human factors to help in this challenge. Those issues will be explored in this special topic course.
    Topics None
    Text Book(s) No textbook required, using papers
    Time & Place Wednesdays 10:00 AM - 12:55 PM Info 4415
    Other Info Academic Honor Code
    Grades are based on presentations

    Oral powerpoint presentations based on papers.


    The NJIT academic honor code
    ( in full to this
    class. Note in particular that copying programs, in full or in part, is
    forbidden. You may discuss ideas and concepts with your fellow
    students, but you may NOT copy any code.

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