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Network Management & Security

Course No. CIS 696
Sections 101
Title Network Management & Security
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Prerequisite(s) CIS-656 or equivalent or the approval of the instructor
Instructor Dennis Karvelas
  • Office Room No. : GITC 4212
  • Office Phone : 973-596-2987
  • Fax : 973-596-5777
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  • Lab : N/A
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    Description The objective of this course is to introduce you into the very exciting and extremely useful areas of Network Management and Security. The first part of the course will focus on Network Management and will cover Network Management Standards, Models and Language, SNMPv1 (organization, information, communication, and functional models), elements of SNMPv2, SNMPv3, and RMON. The second part of the course will focus on Network Security and will describe different types of network attacks and appropriate countermeasures.
    Topics Introduction to Network Management
    Overview of Network Technologies and TCP/IP Protocols
    Network Management Standards, Models and Language
    SNMPv1 Organization and Information Models
    SNMPv1 Communication and Functional Models
    Elements of SNMPv2 and SNMPv3
    Remote Monitoring (RMON)
    Introduction to Network Security
    Network Reconnaissance and Scanning
    Network Vulnerability Analysis
    Gaining Access Techniques
    Maintaining Control of Compromised Hosts
    Hiding the Tracks to Avoid Detection
    Denial of Service Attacks (DoS) and Distributed DoS
    Network Security Topologies
    Intrusion Detection
    Text Book(s) 1) Network Management, Principles and Practice, by M. Subramanian, Addison Wesley, 2000
    2) Security + Guide to Network Security Fundamentals, by P. Campbell, B. Calvert, S. Bowell, Thompson Course Technology, 2003
    Time & Place Fridays 6:00 PM - 9:05 PM,KUPF 205
    Other Info Grading Scheme

    1st Lab Assignment: 7 points, 9/16, (due on 9/30)

    2nd Lab Assignment: 7 points, 9/30, (due on 10/14)

    Quiz 1: 7 points, 9/30, 6.05 pm

    3rd Lab Assignment: 7 points, 10/14, (due on 11/04)

    Midterm: 18 points, 10/21, 6.05 pm

    4th Lab Assignment: 7 points, 11/4, (due 11/18)

    Quiz 2: 7 points, 11/18, 6.05 pm

    5th Lab Assignment: 7 points, 11/18, (due 12/09)

    Project: 12 points; dates will be announced later

    Final 21 points, 12/16, 6.05 pm

    Final Grade: assignments + 2 quiz + midterm + final + project = 100 points
    For the lab assignments you will use your PCs or Laptops and form groups of three.
    The project will involve a presentation on a topic. For the project you will form
    groups of two.

    Academic Honor Code

    The NJIT academic honor code
    ( in full to this
    class. Note in particular that copying programs, in full or in part, is
    forbidden. You may discuss ideas and concepts with your fellow
    students, but you may NOT copy any code.

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