Database Password Assistant


1:  Introduction
2:  Test my database password
3:  Reset my database password
4:  Reset other passwords
5:  How to get help or more info

1: Introduction

This document shows how to test or reset your MySQL or Oracle database password(s). Students, faculty, and staff have access to a several different MySQL and Oracale database servers used for education or research. This document will guide you through the process of setting your password(s) and/or testing access to these database(s).

2: Test my database password

Please visit to verify your database password.

3: Reset my database password

Please visit to reset your database password.

4: Reset other passwords

Database passwords are required to be different than your other passwords at NJIT because of frequent use of database passwords within scripts (PHP, CGI, etc).

Use this website to fix all your passwords. If you can't remember your UCID password, try the Unattended Password Reset website before you call the helpdesk. For help with your AFS password, see

5: How to get more help or info

Your primary contact is the NJIT Helpdesk.

For more information about MySQL databases at NJIT, see this page.

For more information about Oracle databases at NJIT, see this page.

Please also see for general information.

Please report problems specific to this document to

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