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Last modified: 2-Oct-2012 14:09

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The two classrooms GITC 2400 and 2315C have undergone significant changes since the end of second summer session on 06 August 2012.

The following is a brief description of the configuration of these classrooms.

GITC 2400

GITC 2315C Desktop Environments (DEs) : GITC 2315C and 2400

There are currently three desktop environments available, selectable via the lower left icon on the login box : GNOME, (default) version 2.30.4, KDE, version 4.3.4, and iceWM, version 1.2.37 A fourth desktop environment, Xfce, is scheduled to be implemented in the near future.

GNOME and KDE are large, very feature-rich environments; iceWM ("ice") and Xfce are smaller and faster.

NetOp Remote Control

NetOp for Linux

This commercial product will be evaluated for possible installation in the Linux classrooms.

The evaluation is expected to to take place in the last week of October 2012.

Requesting Software

To request new software to be made available in the Linux classrooms, or request an upgrade of existing software, send mail to that effect to

Linux Software

Reporting Problems, Directing Questions

Known Problems & Status

Using Desktop Environments