NJIT Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ali Abdi, PhD


PhD Students and Researchers

  Erjian Zhang, PhD Thesis: Vector Underwater Communication via Particle Velocity Channels: System Design

    and Experiments.

  Mustafa Ozen, PhD Thesis: Vulnerability Analysis of Molecular Networks.

  Ali Alenezi, PhD Thesis: Borehole Communication via Drill Strings in Oil Wells, Jan. 2018.

  Yuewen Wang, worked on MIMO-OFDM Underwater Communication.

  Iman Habibi, PhD Thesis: Communication and Signal Processing Approaches to Model Network Failures

    in Systems Biology, May 2015 (Now with Twitter, San Francisco, CA).

  Chen Chen, PhD Thesis: Transceiver Design for Underwater Communication via Vector Fields, Nov. 2012

    (Now with Samsung Mobile Solution Lab, San Diego, CA).

  Huaihai Guo, PhD Thesis: Underwater Communication via Particle Velocity Channels: Principles, Channel

    Models and System Design, Jan. 2011 (Now with Nanjing Univ. of Information Science and Technology, China).

  Hong Zhang, PhD Thesis: Doppler Spread Estimation in Mobile Fading Channels, Jan. 2007 (Now

    with Qualcomm, CA).

  Shuangquan Wang, PhD Thesis: MIMO Fading Channels: Models, Statistics and Low-Complexity

    Estimators, May 2006 (Now with Samsung Mobile Solution Lab, San Diego, CA).

  Hong Li, PhD Thesis: Advanced Methods in Automatic Modulation Classification for Emerging

    Technologies, May 2006 (co-advisor) (Now with Aware Inc., MA).

  Chunjun Gao, PhD Thesis: Performance Evaluation of Communication Systems with Transmit

    Diversity, May 2004 (co-advisor).

Visiting Research Scholars

  Veli-Matti Kolmonen, SMARAD Radio Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, 2007.

  Guobing Hu, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China, 2009.

MS Students

  Kodzovi Acolatse, MS Project: Simulation of Correlated MIMO Mobile Fading Channels

              Dec. 2002 (Received PhD from NJIT. Now with US Patent and Trademark Office).

  Linesh John, MS Project: Speed Estimation and Line-of-Sight Modeling in Wireless Systems

              May 2003 (Business Systems Lead at Abbott Vascular Devices, San Francisco Bay Area).

  Kaustubha Raghukumar, MS Thesis: Spatio-Temporal Correlation Models for Indoor MIMO 

              Channels, May 2003 (Received PhD from University of California at San Diego. Now NRC

              Research Associate at Naval Postgraduate School).

  Ratna K. Choppala, MS Project:  Alternative Approaches to Multipath Fading, Aug. 2003.

  Sumit Dhingra, MS Project:  Simulation of Digital Communication Techniques Using the 

    Texas Instrument TMS320C6701 DSP Hardware, Dec. 2003 (Quality Assurance Lead at

    Connecture-Software Solutions, Greater Milwaukee Area).

  Rahoul Choudhry, MS Project: Blind Modulation Classification Using Antenna Arrays, May 2004.

  Raja V. Ramakrishnan, MS Project: Pulse Amplitude Modulated System Design Using DSP 

    TMS320C6701, May 2004 (Joined General Motors).

  Vineet Khurana, Design of CDMA Lab Experiments, May 2004.

  Muhammad Tauseef ul islam, Programming the Texas Instrument TMS320C6701 DSP Hardware for

    Communication and Signal Processing Applications, Nov. 2004 (Technical Marketing Manager at

    Bluetooth SIG, Greater Seattle Area).

  Seyd I. Ahmed, Waqas Ansar and Haris A. Hafeezjan, MS Project: Analysis of Matlab W-CDMA

    Toolbox, Agilent ESG-D 4432/1B Generator and Radio Mobile Software, May 2006 (Haris A. Hafeezjan

    is Senior Systems Engineer at Samsung, Bridgewater, NJ).

  Wei Chen, MS Project: MIMO Channel Estimation Using the Texas Instrument TMS320C6701

    DSP Hardware, May 2006 (Principal Engineer at Broadcom, Greater New York City Area).

  Shweta Dhadiwal, MS Project: Frequency Shift Keying in Multipath Channels, May 2006.

  Patchara Sutthiwan, MS Project: Multichannel Underwater Communication Receivers, May 2006

    (Admitted to NJIT for PhD and received PhD).

  Amish Husain, MS Project: Artificial Intelligence and Signature Matching, Jan. 2007 (Software

    Architect for an IT consulting firm, Virginia).

  Nagarjun Yalamanchi, MS Project: Flow Noise and Its Effects on Sensors, Dec. 2008 (Admitted to

    Oklahoma State University for PhD. Now Systems Engineer at Intel Corporation).

  Yu Liu, MS Project: Simulation of Flow Noise and Its Space Time Correlation, Dec. 2009 (Admitted to

     NJIT for PhD and received PhD).

  Devdatta Ambre, MS Project: Study of Wireless Systems Using Simulink, 2011 (Modem IOT Engineer

    at Samsung, Greater San Diego Area).

  Si Yang, MS Project: Channel Measurements Using Software Defined Radios, 2014.

  Mukesh Babu Sundara Babu, MS Project: A Study of Passive Sonar Detection Methods, 2014 (Network

    Security Engineer at Belk, North Carolina).

  Wei Jiang, MS Project: Estimation of Multipath Underwater Channels, 2014 (Admitted to NJIT for PhD).

  Chizhong Wang, MS Project: Underwater Signal Transmission Experiments Using myRIO, 2014 (Admitted

    to NJIT for PhD).

  Chih-yu Chen, MS Project: Underwater Communication Experiments Using FSK Method, 2014.

  Du Long, MS Project: Basic Acoustic OFDM Transmission and Reception Using Simulink and Matlab, 2014.

  Abhishek Vishwakarma, MS Project: Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Linear Microphone Array, 2014

    (Engineer at Awearable Apparel, Inc., NY).

  Yujia Guo, MS Project: Acoustic Communication Experiments in Drill Strings, 2015.

  Yuntian Li, MS Project: Underwater OFDM Communication, 2015.

  Rui Yang, MS Project: Source Localization Using Distributed Microphones, 2015.

  Jinzhen Wang, MS Project: Sound Source Localization Using Microphone Arrays, 2016.

  Sudha Namburi, MS Project: Experimental Results on Angle-of-Arrival Estimation Using a Vector Sensor

    and Acoustic Intensity, 2016.

  Yichen Lin, MS Project: Experimental Results on Angle-of-Arrival Estimation Using a Vector Sensor and an

     ESPRIT-Based Algorithm, 2016.

  Shaojie Chen, MS Project: Experimental Research on Active Source Detection in a Dispersive Multiple-Reflection

    Environment, 2016.

  Santosh Pishey Ramesh, MS Project: Experimental Characterization of Underwater Channels and Signals Using

    a Hydrophone Array, 2017.

  Xiaoyu Chen, MS Project: Communication Experiments through Steel Pipes, 2018.

  Hao Qin, MS Project: Simulation of State Space Trajectory Models, 2018.

  Jonathan Davila, MS Project: Leak Detection and Localization in Pipe Networks, 2018.

  Zhilun Yang, MS Project: Parameter Estimation in State Space Models, 2018.


BS Students

  Parthiv M. Doshi, Senior Project: Comparison of the Performance of Different Speed Estimators in

    Mobile Communications, May 2002.

  Mario J. Portilla, Senior Project: Statistical Modeling of Indoor Multiple Input Multiple Output

    Wireless Channels, May 2002 (Received an REU award from the NJ I-Tower initiative).

  Amine Riad,  Senior Project: Statistical Analysis of Mobile Fading Channels, May 2002.

  Faisal Alsaidi, Sanam T. Furniturewala, and Omar Hmimda, Senior Project: Record/Playback a

    Real cdma2000 MS Experience, May 2004.

  Huai Chan and Ankur Parikh, Senior Project: Hardware Simulation of MIMO Channels, May 2004.

  Hongteng Chen and Shanshan Sun, Senior Project: Development of Matlab Based Educational Software 

    for Undergraduate Communication System Courses, May 2004.

  Jose Falcon, Fidel Fuentes and Francisco Garrido, Senior Project: Statistical Analysis of Shadowing in

    Mobile Indoor Channels, May 2006 (Francisco Garrido was a McNair Scholar at NJIT).

  Richard D. Adjei and David A. Jones, Senior Project: Fault Detection Using MATLAB, May 2006.

  Usman Shabbir and Amit Shah, Senior Project: Fast MIMO Channel Simulation Using a TI DSP,

    May 2006 (Usman Shabbir is now with Merrill Lynch and Amit Shah is now with ConocoPhillips Company, USA).

  Dunxu Hu, NSF/REU Project: Statistical Characteristics of MIMO Systems, July 2006 (Received MS from Purdue

    University, now Platform Software Engineer at Nest Labs, Palo Alto, California).

Arwa Gheith, Stephen Istivan and Karen McMillan, Senior Project: Simulation & Virtual Instrumentation

   of the Tennessee Eastman Process, May 2007.

Chintan Patel, Jamin Doshi, Snehal Patel and Richard Lew, Senior Project: Underwater Communication,

   May 2007.

Adam Melber, Gregory Gadomski, Michael Quarato and Kedar Tamhankar, Senior Project: Software

   Defined Radio: Hardware and Software Simulation, May 2007.

Janyll Perez, NSF/REU Project: Underwater Communication in Shallow Waters, July 2007 (Received MS

   from NJIT).

Vixar Patel, Roma Shah, Usman Malik and Jaimane Tyler, Senior Project: Underwater Communication via

   Vector Sensors, May 2008.

Nandhini Sudarsanan, NSF/REU Project: Impact of Sound Speed Profile on Underwater Communication

   Networks, July 2008 (Received MS from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis).

Francisco Mercado-Ebanks, Chad Ng, Julio Proano and Kevin Vliet, Senior Project: Communication via

   Particle Velocity Channels: Channel Parameters and Equalization, May 2009.

Diego Agudelo, Khoa Dao and Kleber Solano, Senior Project: Wireless Channel Estimation Using the

   Software-Defined Radio Technology, 2014.

Surajit Laik and Polley Bhunia, HIT/NJIT Summer Project: Statistical Modelling of the Received Power in

  Wireless Networks, 2014.

Nasir Younus, Niko Ciccolella and Neel T. Patel, Senior Project: An Underwater Text Messaging System, 2014.

Theophilus Abavana, Temilade Afolabi and Srinath Yellepeddi, Senior Project: Acoustic Source Localization, 2014.

Rahul Goswami, HIT/NJIT Summer Project: Impact of Environmental Factors on Underwater Communication, 2015.

Samir Abdo, Mickel Mansour and Mohamed Zahidi, Senior Project: Communication via Drill Pipes in Oil Wells, 2015.

Jessica Kong, Sriram Kurapati and Vanessa Villaluz, Senior Project: High Speed Underwater Signal Transmission, 2016.

Juan Polanco, Michael Pyniewicz and Anthony Sison, Senior Project: Wireless Communications in Oil Wells through

   Drill Pipes, 2016.

Abhijit Pal, HIT/NJIT Summer Project: Channel Estimation and Delay Spread Calculation for Underwater

   Communication, 2016.


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