This is my first webpage!

Hello, this will be my first webpage so i hope you are not too harsh. For starters I enjoy video games. I like being able to traverse through a world created by ones imagination. Since I was a child I have always dreamed of going out to space to find new things. Now very time I think back to that dream, the thought of something completely radical has always grabbed my attention. Most of the people who make games do an excellent job when it comes to placing a character in a unique story. Below is a picture of one of my favorite games

Infamous Second Son

A few other hobbies I enjoy doing is playing soccer. Enjoy the outdoor breeze in what in warm weather. However I cannot say the same about getting slide tackled.But then again, "no pain no game". I also skateboard from time to time. Again, I simply enjoy the outdoor breeze while cruising on the skateboard.

Web tutorials is the site I used to learn basic html.

Here is a preview of the link

Example of a bad website.