Subband and Wavelet Transforms: Design and Applications is an in-depth reference volume, treating the fundamentals and discussing emerging applications in which filter banks and wavelets are believed to be important.

Audience: Intended for a broad readership, the book will be of particular interest to practicing engineers and scientists who wish to learn about utilization of these new developments, instructors teaching senior and graduate level engineering and applied mathematics courses in the field, and management personnel wishing to keep up with this rapidly developing technology.


Ali N. Akansu and Mark J.T. Smith


  1. Introduction and overview. M.J.T. Smith, A.N. Akansu.
  2. Fundamentals and optimal design of subband and wavelet transforms. A.N. Akansu, R.A. Haddad.
  3. Matrix theory for filter bank analysis and design. K. Nayebi, T. P. Barnwell, M. J. T. Smith.
  4. IIR filter banks and wavelets. R. Ansari.
  5. The continuous wavelet transform, from 1 to 3 dimensions. J.-P. Antoine, R. Murenzi.
  6. Time-frequency localization with non-stationary wavelet packets. A. Cohen, E. Sere.
  7. Subband image coding. B. Girod, F. Hartung, U. Horn.
  8. Subband video coding. R.L. Lagendijk, F. Bosveld, J. Biemond.
  9. Audio coding with filter banks. J.D. Johnston.
  10. Wavelets and filter banks in spread spectrum communication systems. G.J. Saulnier, M. J. Medley and P. K. Das.
  11. Acoustic echo cancellation using subband adaptive filtering. P.L. de Leon, II, D.M. Etter.
  12. Analog scramblers. R. Cox.
  13. Multitone modulation. I. Kalet.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995. More info and order form.