? Multiresolution Signal Decomposition: Transforms, Subbands and Wavelets

Multiresolution Signal Decomposition

Transforms, Subbands, and Wavelets

Ali N. Akansu

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark

Richard A. Haddad

Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York


This book provides an in-depth, intergrated, and up-to-date exposition of the topic of signal decomposition techniques. Application areas of these techniques include speech and image processing, machine vision, information engineering, high-density TV, and telecommunications. The book will serve as the major reference for those entering the field, instructors teaching some or all of the topics in an advanced graduate course, and researchers needing to consult an authoritative source.


  1. Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Why Signal Decomposition?
    • Performance Evaluation
  2. Orthogonal Transforms
    • Signal Expansions in Orthogonal Function
    • Transform Efficiency and Coding Performance
    • Fixed Transforms
    • Parametric Modeling of Signal Sources
    • Lapped Orthofonal Transforms
    • 2D Transform Implementation
    • Summary
  3. Theory of Subband Decomposition
    • Multirate Signal Processing
    • Bandpass and Modulated Signals
    • Mth Band, Mirror, and Power Complementary Filters
    • Two-channel Filter Banks
    • M-Band Filter Banks
    • Cascaded Lattice Structures
    • IIR Subband Filter Banks
    • Two-Dimensional Subband Decomposition
    • Quantization Effects in Filter Banks
    • Summary
  4. Filterbank Families: Design and Performance
    • Binomial QMF-Wavelet Filters
    • Maximally Flat Filters
    • Bernstein QMF-Wavelet Filters
    • Johnston QMF Family
    • Smith-Barnwell PR-CQF Family
    • LeGall-Tabatabai PR Filter Bank
    • Princen_Bradley QMF
    • Optimal PR-QMF Design for Subband Image Coding
    • Performance of PR-QMF Families
    • Aliasing Energy in Multiresolution Decomposition
    • Time and Frequency Localizations
    • GTC and NER Performance
    • Summary
  5. Wavelet Transform
    • Time-Frequency Decompositions
    • The Short-Time Fourier Transform
    • The Wavelet Transform
    • Multiresolution Signal Decomposition
    • Wavelet Regularity and Wavelet Families
    • Biorthogonal Wavelets and Filter Banks
    • Discussions and Conclusion
    • Epilogue

Academic Press, 1992. Click here for more information about the book.

If you have any question, please email me: akansu@njit.edu

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