CS435 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Design (A. V. Gerbessiotis)

CS435 Web-page (Section 101, Fall 2018)

Course Information
Course Email: alexg+cs435@njit.edu (subject line per Handout0) Instructor: A. Gerbessiotis
Office Hours: Office Hours Fall 2018.
Course Hours: Wed 18:00-21:05 Classroom: KUPF 207.
Course Assistant: Niloofar AGHAIEABIANE Assistant's E-mail: na396+cs435@njit.edu
Assistant's Room: CKB 303 (recitation; may change) Assistant's Off. Hours: Recitation @ Wed 1:00-1:55pm
Assistant's Tel:(973) 596-NotAvailable

SECTION A. Announcements

SECTION B. Course Syllabus, Handouts, and Programming Assignments

SECTION C. Solutions/Exams and Practice Problem Sets with Solutions

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