CS435 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Design (A. V. Gerbessiotis)

CS435 Web-page (Spring 2021)

Course Information
Course Email: alexg+cs435@njit.edu (subject line per Document0) Instructor: A. Gerbessiotis
Contact (used to be Office) Hours: Current Semester Office Hours.
Course Hours: Tue/Thu 4-5:20pm Classroom: Converged Online @ .
Assistant's E-mail: TBA Course Assistant: TBA
Assistant's Hours: Recitation Assistant's Info: Classroom
Recitation Hours: Tue 2:30-3:30pm Recitation Room: Classroom

SECTION A. Announcements

SECTION B. Course Syllabus, Handouts, Documents and MiniProject

SECTION C. Subjects, Exam solutions, Past Exams, etc

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