NJIT Highlander XC Challenge (15th Annual)

@ Branch Brook Park, Newark, New Jersey  (Directions to park)


Entries are now Open

DATE: Saturday, October 8, 2018    Women 5K 11:00am      Men 8K 11:50am  

Note: perimeter loop has a new rubber surface making the course even FASTER!  NO SPIKES ALLOWED ON NEW SURFACE

Contact Al Alonso for Sign Up Information (Contract)

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Records    Meet Statistics     Directions to park    Hotels( Newark Area)   BUS/CAR Rental 

Course Map , Course description (same as 2011): (Flat and  fast.  Grass, dirt, cinder, and some asphalt.  Flats recommended.  Both men and women run first loop (1mile) and last loop.  Men run an additional loop in the middle, same as last loop).  Bike will lead race.  Course will be marked with white arrows, flags, yellow cones and orange flaggies.  Splits/markers at every mile and large finish line clock.  250m on grass to tree, left 100m to tree, left onto cinder trail, at 1150m turn left over bridge( caution: rocky section), 100m on grass to next left onto cinder path, cut in from path at tree with pink ribbon (further up on path to previous years), stay on grass (follow orange flags) to pole to next tree with marking, you are now at mile.  left after mile (follow orange flags) until side opening 1800m, left onto cinder path and start of men's 2nd loop or women's 2nd loop( which is also men's 3rd loop).  Loops 2 and 3 have about  200m of grass and the rest RUBBER path back parallel to mile area (loop 2 has mile 2 same for both men and women, loop 3 has mile 4 about 200m after mile marker 2 on third loop for men). Turn left at blue men loop2 sign (this is also loop 2 for women and loop 3 turn for men), proceed to side opening for mile 3 and start of men loop 3 (same as women loop 2).  on the FINAL loop, go STRAIGHT past opening after the 3 mile mark follow yellow cones to finish chute. Women 5000m Men 8000m.  Start and NEW FINISH are closer together.

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