ECE639 Spring 2017
Principles of Broadband Networks
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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Nirwan Ansari
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Newark College of Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Office 343 ECEC
Phone (973) 596-3670
Fax (973) 596-5680
Office Hours Monday: 5:00-6:00pm; Wednesday: 1:30-2:30pm. Others by appointments.


Grading: Mid-term 35%; Final 40%; Assignments/Quizzes & Projects 25%.

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Course Outline

Lecture 0

 The history of the Internet and its future

Lecture 1

Introduction: highlights on broadband, existing telecommunication infrastructure, network evolution and architecture, virtual private network, IMS, and emerging technologies

Lecture 2

Switching Techniques, T1, X.25, ISDN, SONET

Lecture 3

ATM Basics

Lecture 4

Congestion Control for Available Bit Rate Services in ATM Networks

Lecture 5 Congestion Control in Heterogeneous Networks

Lecture 6

The Makeover of TCP

Lecture 7

Traffic Modeling of Broadband Services

Lecture 8

Admission Control

Lecture 9

Switching Principles and Architectures

Lecture 10

Traffic Scheduling

Lecture 11

IP/ATM Convergence

Lecture 12

Optical Networks

Lecture 13

Recent Advances in High Speed Networks


Text and References

James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, Computer Networking, 6nd Edition, Addison-Wesleyl, 2013---selected chapters.

Other references

Journal Articles


[Course infomation|Notes/Additional Readings|Assignment| |Useful Resources]