Principles of Broadband ISDN and ATM
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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Grading: Examinations 80%; Assignments & Projects 20%.

Course Outline

Lecture 1

Introduction: highlights on broadband, existing telecommunication infrastructure, Internet evolution, and virtual private network

Lecture 2

Switching Techniques, T1, X.25, ISDN, SONET

Lecture 3

Enabling Technologies and Emerging Markets Towards an Integrated Seamless Broadband Network

Lecture 4

ATM Basics

Lecture 5

Congestion Control for Available Bit Rate Services in ATM Networks

Lecture 6

Traffic Modeling of Broadband Services

Lecture 7

Admission Control

Lecture 8

Switching Principles and Architectures

Lecture 9

Traffic Scheduling

Lecture 10

IP/ATM Convergence


Text and References

A. Leon-Garcia and I. Widjaja, Communications Networks, McGraw Hill, 2000.

Other references


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